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The Crown Jewel Story

Welcome!! The Crown Jewel story is as unique as the nine distinct color palettes. It is known that since the very beginning of time, mankind was surrounded by breathtaking color. Sherí DeGeer, Founder and Curator is passionate about color, intrigued by its reflections of light, depth and tones. This appreciation combined with her intrigue of earth's gemstones and their radiance was the perfect foundation for the model of Crown Jewel Luxury Paint™.


Sherí was approached in 2004 to create a line based on literally thousands of rooms that were successfully painted over the course of her interior design practice. Sherí has created the most desirable palettes for homes and offices that are loved for their versatility and timeless appeal. While the seed was planted it took several years to create. In 2012, Crown Jewel Luxury Paint was officially launched. Since that time, over 2000K gallons have coated her client’s homes and commercial spaces. It is now an internationally acclaimed product line.

Naming the colors were as important to Sherí as the color themselves. Each is titled from the color of its namesake representing authentic gemstones from around the world. Additional names for whimsy were added to bring a smile to the end user. Names such as Buckingham Palace, Sheri's staple color for ceilings and Marilyn Monroe, a tried and true cabinet and trim color have proved to be best sellers year after year. The liquid-gems collection is comprised of Quartz-Coral Oranges, Topaz-Earthy Browns, Aqua Marines, Citrine-Golds, Ruby-Reds, Sapphire-Blues, Amethyst-Purples, Peridot-Greens and Diamond-Neutrals. Extended palettes have been added to the line from subtle lights to beautiful bolds keeping the entire line exciting! We invite you to browse the collections and explore which colors speak to you.

The premium paint line is formulated and manufactured in the Pacific Northwest in Eugene, Oregon. Forrest Coatings is a sixty years old operating plant. Crown Jewel Luxury Paint™ is 0-VOC scientifically designed to provide the most durable and elegant finish. Interior and exterior coatings are also available in sample jars, One and Five-gallon sizes of four different finishes.

The language of color speaks to the heart. We invite you to learn more through Sherí DeGeer Home and other local showrooms. 

Crown Jewel Luxury Paint, Luxury Paint
Sheri' DeGeer
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